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Nat'l Bag: The Fog Is Still Burning

30 March 2012

A show that was almost about Brazil became instead about... A city shrouded in morning fog, the moisture weighing down our moods. And so, to fight our own inner wet blanketynesses, we once again applied the balm of pop.

los angeles downtown fog


It & My Computer: Musiques Pop!
Perfume: Laser Beam
Aira Mitsuki x Saori@destiny: WOWTOWN
Biff Bang Pow!: Miss California Toothpaste 1972
Teams vs. Star Slinger: Say Please
Grant Green: Samba de Orpheus
Salyu x Salyu: s(o)un(d)beams
In Trance 95: Brazilia
Slow Children: Brazilian Magazines
Sheena & The Rokkets: My Boyfriend
Yukihiro Takahashi: Sayonara
Elite Gymnastics: Minneapolis Belongs to You 3 (LOL Boys Mix)
Noh Mask: Twilight in Tokyo
Madonna: Everybody
Breakbot: Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane)
Sandii: Zoot Kook
The Driscolls: This Is a Different Song
Sympathy Nervous: A Worm
De La Soul: Magic Number
Cidinho & Doca: Cidade de Deus
T-ara: One & One
Dead Can Dance: The Arcane
Kido Yoji: More than Real
Haruomi Hosono: Mercuric Dance
The Beach Boys: I Was Made to Love Her
Anna Domino and Luc Van Acker: Zanna
Wunder: Brazil
Felt: Primitive Painters

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